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Supporting professional success through extended learning opportunities

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Ask us what WEG is about and the simplest answer you will get is:
we are a community of lifetime learners

We were all students once. We received the canon of knowledge proposed by our traditional educational institutions and we diligently passed all of our exams at the appointed time and place without straying too far away from the curriculum. 

We sometimes felt, like other students feel today, underserved and out of tune with change. After all, real-life skills and insight come through learning, but should not be restricted to the format of the traditional classroom. Life rarely is.

One solution to meet the challenge is Extended Learning Opportunities. ELOs as proposed by the WEG House of Learning are designed to address the interests, strengths, and needs of each individual student by acknowledging the dynamic forces of today: flexibility, personalizations, mentorship.

Our Extended Learning opportunities cover a wide array of learning styles and needs, from internships, apprenticeships, small group projects to case study simulations and dynamic masterclasses in the art of service excellence.


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To this end, our Extended Learning programmes serve two learning pathways

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Customised Trainings

Fluid, on-demand, accelerated training programmes covering a broad array of service industries with a focus on Swiss hospitality. 

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Top Executive Postgraduate Programme

Project-based programme delivered by winsedswiss in partnership with EHL (Ecole hotelière de Lausanne) Advisory Services and designed for organisations who wish to become drivers of change in the Customer Service industry.

Extended learning competitive advantages 


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Increasingly, nowadays, there is a need for greater collaboration between academia and industry, between job-driven curricula and the evolving economic landscape. The new labour market hosts such trends as hybrid jobs, skill crafting, and an increased capacity for individual self-reflection. To be sustainable translates into an ability to withstand change. 

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The Extended Learning network blossoms around the concept of Service Excellence and we have developed hands-on experiences and dynamic venues so that our students can train, share, and assess their chosen competencies. 

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Passionate learners who embrace challenges as opportunities to grow seek a connected, open space of intellectual stimulation where relationships play a vital part in the learning experience. We respond by identifying international community partners who can act as trainers, mentors, and extended learning business partners to our students.

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One of the main added values of our Extended Learning Programmes resides in the certificates and diplomas that are internationally recognised and will open doors to fantastic career opportunities for our graduates anywhere in the world. 


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