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Transformational Leadership

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A decade into the Millennium—what has changed and what is new in leadership? How are today‘s leaders leading knowledge workers and Generation Y employees? As the name suggests, transformational leadership is about leading by transforming— through change and growth. The changes need to create value for both the organization and individuals, including the leaders themselves and growth does not happen if we keep within our comfort zones. With organizational loyalty and employee longevity on the decrease, leaders today have a fleeting moment in a person‘s career to manifest positive changes. How can it be done? How can employee morale synch with organizational productivity and profitability? 

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Who is the course for?
Anyone may or may not be a leader, at work and/or at home. A leader is a frame of mind—defined by results and recognized by followers. It is not a job title. The Transformational Leadership Module is for people who aspire to lead by creating positive changes for themselves and those around them, whatever their job titles.

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Benefits & Tools

  • The Transformational Leadership Module will equip participants with a set of hammer-and-nail tools to leverage leadership as a talent retention tool in their companies.


Acquired Knowledge & Skills

  • Elaborate the six parameters of transformational leadership 
  • Define quality through several leadership paradigms 
  • Connect vision and mission with strategies and tactics 
  • Practise tactics in inspiration and motivation through a series of individual and team interactions during the Module 
  • Compare and contrast individual and team competences in diversity management, bio-mimicry and emotional intelligence 
  • Link short- and long-term revenue maximization to company brand equity 
  • Defend the urgency of climate change and corporate governance in today‘s knowledge, global economy

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  Roxana Manolescu  
  Programme advisor  

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