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Management contract



A hotel management contract is defined as an agreement between a management company (or an operator), and a property owner, whereby the operator assumes responsibility for managing the property by providing direction, supervision, and expertise through established methods and procedures. The operator runs the hotel, on behalf of the owner, for a fee, according to specified terms negotiated with the owner.

winsedswiss will manage the hotel for and on behalf of the owning company, using the name and the license obtained by the operating company (owner).



Your journey with us

Once we are contacted by you we will set a first meeting to better understand your needs and expectations.

Following this, we will sign a NDA and start due diligence: receive and analyze the financial documents (P&L), legal documents as well as other types of documents so that we get to know your business better as well as to identify its growth potential.

If we decide that together we can grow your business and help it reach its highest potential, we will continue with the technical and staff assessment, sent the MOU and start the negotiation for the commercial terms of the contract that, in the end, will lead to signing a management contract or, if we decide so, find and pursue alternative options.

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Getting to know eachother
identifying your needs and expectations

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Signing an NDA and due diligence

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Analyzing the financial and legal documents received
Identifying the growth potential of your business

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If we decide we can be better together, we continue the assesment (technical & staff initial)

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MOU sent and commercial negotiation

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Signing of contract

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Take over and starting operate the property (hotel) in the name of the owner under the

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