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Strategic Hospitality Management

Lifelong and Extended Learning

At winsedswiss, your story is never fully written.

You can always come to start writing your story, or return to write a new page, to begin a new chapter – no matter how old you are, or whether you have been with us before.

We offer something for every age and position, a series of short or long courses, professional or executives for those willing to make, or enhance, a career in hospitality, retailing, health, sport management and customer service.


We welcome both amateurs and professionals to discover the secrets of top specialists in the industry and to get a perspective on how it is like to work in luxury services at international standards. Mastering behave and attitude we aim to create experts in dealing with the Art of Customer Excellence in any field of life. We create “hospitude”, a hospitality attitude, an organizational culture that transforms the customer in a guest and the guest in a brand ambassador.


Get in touch with us, we will find the right way for you to write your story. And while there are many promises out there, we guarantee only one thing: once you are entering the winsedswiss family, we will always find a way for you to get the job that best suit your life stage.

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Current programmes:

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Postgraduate Diploma in Performance and Customer Experience (pCX)

Raise the standard of Service Management in your organisation and develop the leadership competencies needed to build a consistent culture of Customer Excellence that will transform your customers into guests and the guests into brand ambassadors.




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