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ERI General Education - From start to finnish

Starting with 2020, the Didactica Foundation and the Romanian-Finnish Secondary School have joined Winsedswiss Education Group, in order to strengthen, both in Romania and abroad, the network of ERI (”Different”) kindergartens and schools, under the sign of qualitative education, in step with contemporary values. 


In the ERI Romanian-Finnish Primary and Secondary Schools, the programme is unique, since it blends the best practices of the local and the Finnish curriculums, by innovatively and efficiently adapting to the local realities of the Finnish model of transversal teaching that is based on constructivist principles.


To reach these goals, the Romanian-Finnish Primary and Secondary Schools have highly qualified teachers, who help students find their individual paths into the future. Internal services like psychological counsel and, later, special education teachers and study counsellors, ensure a positive learning process. At the Romanian-Finnish Primary and Secondary School students grow up to become adaptive, independent and happy youngsters, who understand their possibilities as lifelong learners. Each of them is encouraged to strive for their own personal best and achieve their transversal competences, wellbeing and academic goals.



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Sibiu’s ERI Finnish School is a middle school, having in its structure groups of preschoolers, primary classes, and middle schools. It is located in the central area of Sibiu, occupying two floors of a monumental building, built as an educational establishment and having exclusively this function since 1864. Therefore, since 2016, you can find us in Romania, Sibiu, on Dealului Street, 6. Presently, ERI Sibiu is undergoing the necessary steps to become the first school in the world, outside of Finland, to be certified by the Finnish National Agency for Education.


Sibiu’s ERI Finnish School currently has 43 employees, most of them working full time. The teaching staff is composed of 6 teachers for preschool education, 11 teachers for primary education, 11 teachers for secondary education, two psychologists, and 13 people on the administrative side. The school develops a culture of cooperation, support, and inclusion based on lifelong learning. The team is characterised by a genuine spirit of collaboration and a high level of staff involvement in ensuring the quality of educational services.


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Brașov’s ERI Finnish School offers quality education by adapting the Finnish model to the Romanian realities. It is part of the ERI School Group, with its operational center in Sibiu, where innovative educational programs have been carried out on the Romanian curriculum, meant to ensure and support children’s well-being. 


We began the courses in September 2022, with 12 pupils. The team will grow alongside the school, approaching the educational act as learning facilitators, creating learning contexts that allow children to develop their potential as much as possible. 


You can find us on 45 Saturn Boulevard, 6-8, in Brasov, Romania.




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