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You, as an individual passionate learner, are our mission. Together we will design high-quality learning opportunities for every step of your life.


no description of image found. The youngest ones will learn to spread their wings while playing and learning in an environment that anticipates the world of tomorrow.


no description of image found. Children and teenagers will take off towards their future in schools that follow the most up-to-date pedagogical trends, of Finnish and Swiss inspiration, and will have the chance to complete the International Baccalaureate.


no description of image found. Youngsters in search of a career will join one of our vocational education and training programs, including VET by EHL, to qualify for the job of their dreams.


no description of image found. For those willing to become the qualified and responsible leaders of tomorrow, doors will be opened to a university of applied sciences, and Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees obtained will carry the stamp of renowned establishments, including EHL and Business School Lausanne.


no description of image found. Future and current managers can improve their hard knowledge and soft skills, and further their careers through Executive Training with some of the gurus of the service industry.


no description of image found. Anyone willing to learn, irrespective of age, will find a room in our house of learning. You will have access to a direct link to the service industry, and we will continue to accompany your career path throughout your life, helping you climb to top professional heights. You only need to want it.

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