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Hospitality Resilience Talks

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The Swiss educational group winsedswiss, with subsidiaries in Romania, Switzerland and Serbia, whose main objective is to offer lifelong learning opportunities through short and long courses in the hospitality and related services sector, is launching online training for managers and employees in this industry, which has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic that has led to a drastic drop in income and a high percentage of people becoming technically unemployed. 

The group was founded by Dușan Wilms, one of our country's most successful businessmen and former general manager of Metro Cash & Carry Romania, and Professor Ray F. Iunius of the Ecole hotelière de Lausanne, the most prestigious hospitality educational institution in the world. The professional and academic diplomas earned by the winsedswiss students will be awarded under the aegis of the Ecole hotelière de Lausanne (EHL), Business School Lausanne and Luxury School of Paris.

According to Dușan Wilms, dual education, built on quality education, focusing on practical skills built at any age, supporting and embedding the knowledge acquired in theory, is today more than ever the model towards which all education systems must move.
Professor Ray F. Iunius estimates that after this crisis the number of jobs in the sector will decrease, and those working in hotels and restaurants will compete with the workforce brought from abroad, but also with the Romanians from the diaspora who returned to the country during the pandemic, in which the better trained people will benefit. 

In this context, the Swiss educational group winsedswiss is launching online trainings for hotel and restaurant managers and employees, called Hospitality Resilience Talks and Hospitality Resilience Journey. In April, they will be delivered by internationally renowned experts in English. May will continue with a new series of webinars, also presented in Romanian.

The Hospitality Resilience Talks will feature online interviews with leaders from the international hospitality industry and business world. They will present how the organisations they lead have adapted to economic downturns, the solutions they have identified to get their businesses back on their feet and how they propose to overcome the impact of this period on the hospitality and related services industry.

The first interview will be broadcast on 10 April at 18:00 with Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of TAG Heuer. On 17 April, at the same time, the interview with Elie Vannier, President of Hovione Holding Ltd. and partner in charge of the European office at Chevrillon & Associés SCA, will be broadcast. Please note that both experts are members of the Advisory Board of the Winsedswiss Group.

Each interview will be followed, three days after its publication, by an online discussion hosted by Professor Ray F. Iunius and his guests. To watch the interviews online and participate in the discussion around them, you need to register at

The second component of the Hospitality Resilience Program, the Hospitality Resilience Journey, consists of a series of webinar trainings for middle and executive managers in the hospitality industry, delivered by prestigious trainers from around the world, on topics such as risk management, repositioning brands, rethinking marketing strategies. The first webinar will take place on 21 April at 17:00, with guest speaker Paul Dubrule, founder of the ACCOR hotel chain and member of the winsedswiss Advisory Board. 
People interested in participating in winsedswiss webinars can register on the company's official website, starting April 14, by going to: 

"We believe that the hospitality industry is in great need of help at this time and we, as an educational institution, want to contribute by facilitating access to relevant know-how in this field. We are therefore doing two things at this time: training employees who stay at home and offering them the expertise of world-class specialists such as those at the Ecole hotelière de Lausanne (EHL). We want to give employees the highest level of education, and the industry - advice, and to this end we have established a partnership with the Romanian Hotel Industry Federation (FIHR) and the Romanian Restaurant Employers' Association (HORA)," explained Ray F. Iunius.

The Swiss educational group winsedswiss will offer short and long courses in hospitality and related services at all levels of education: from kindergarten to university and continuing education courses. Professional and university degrees are offered under the aegis of the Ecole hotelière de Lausanne (EHL), Business School Lausanne and Luxury School of Paris.

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Start înscrieri traininguri online oferite de winsedswiss pentru managerii din industria ospitalității, cu un discount de 100% pentru membrii Federației Industriei Hoteliere din România (F.I.H.R.) și/sau ai Organizației Patronale a Hotelurilor și Restaurantelor din România (H.O.R.A.)

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