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Back, the group that provides integrated hospitality solutions, confirms the departure of Răzvan Pîrjol from WEG

Posted on 29/12/2023
image of article, the group that provides integrated hospitality solutions, confirms the departure of Răzvan Pîrjol from WEG

The CEO of Education Group, Ray F. Iunius, emphasizes the importance and significance of this change for both parties: "It is a source of pride for a consulting company that one of our most experienced colleagues is desired and recruited by one of the most important clients with whom has a solid long-term collaboration. An excellent organizer with vast experience in various areas of the hospitality industry, with a true holistic vision of this sector, Răzvan Pîrjol is the ideal person to lead a small balneotherapy hotel chain like Turism Felix, a leader in the Romanian balneotherapy market. Turism Felix is a company in full development and modernization, and Răzvan Pîrjol's strategic vision and managerial excellence will be key factors in the evolution of a rapidly transforming company."

However, Professor Iunius also expressed a sense of regret about Răzvan Pîrjol's departure from the company: "At the same time, it is a tremendous regret that Mr. Pîrjol will no longer be active within However, the client's priorities and satisfaction are our most important values. I am confident that we will continue to collaborate with our former colleague for many years to come. Therefore, we can only congratulate both Răzvan and the Board of Directors of Turism Felix on their choice and wish them success and fair winds ahead," added Professor Iunius.

Răzvan Pîrjol shared his enthusiasm for his new responsibilities at Turism Felix. "I have received with joy and honor the proposal to join Turism Felix in a project as ambitious as it is necessary," said Pîrjol. "I have always considered balneotherapy in Romania as an underexplored destination, and I am pleased to be part of this future plan."

The former Secretary of State in tourism also added that his consulting period in collaboration with winseds.wiss had been extremely beneficial to him because "it allowed me to work in a highly professional framework, with the methodology and experience of a multidisciplinary international team with a great field experience and passion for the hospitality industry. My gratitude for this period is added to my admiration for the pragmatic and customer-oriented professionalism, and sees this transition as beneficial for the continuity of the evolutionary process initiated by Turism Felix. Thus, Turism Felix's management's decision to bring me into its management team certifies the desire for the continuity of its evolution plan, started over a year and a half ago," said Răzvan Pîrjol.

Răzvan Pîrjol's plans for Turism Felix include expanding the company and focusing on the well-being area, along with the medical and prevention aspects of the balneotherapy hotels in Turism Felix's portfolio. "Another goal of our arrival is the corporatization of the company's work procedures. Possible affiliations with international hotel brands will also be considered in the future," explained Pîrjol.

According to the announcement made by Turism Felix on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, Răzvan Pîrjol will take over the position of Deputy General Manager of the company starting on January 1, 2024, and will subsequently hold the position of General Manager from May 1, 2024, until December 30, 2027.

This major change marks a new chapter in Răzvan Pîrjol's career and an important moment for Turism Felix. The company is preparing to continue its evolution under new leadership and strengthen its position in the Romanian balneotherapy tourism market.

Published by Cosmin Zainea
Press Corner Romania
Back Posted on 29/12/2023

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